Addiction Aftercare in Portsmouth, VA

Addiction isn't something that most people ever imagine themselves struggling with. Once it happens though, quitting is the only way out. For some addicts, quitting can feel like a long, drawn-out emotional and physical journey. Once you quit, addiction aftercare in Portsmouth can help you stay clean and sober.

While many people don't fully understand the concept of addiction aftercare in Portsmouth, it is something that has helped many addicts deal with life once they leave rehab. For many addicts, the hard part of truly getting clean and sober begins when they return to their normal lives.

Keep reading to learn more about addiction aftercare in Portsmouth and how it can help you, as well as what kind of programs you have access to and why you should consider taking part in them.

What Is Aftercare for Addiction Treatment?

Going through detox, inpatient care or outpatient care for a drug or alcohol addiction can feel like a challenging process. For many addicts, even the idea of quitting can be scary even if they know that's what's going to be best for them in the long run. The path to recovery doesn't end once you leave treatment though.

Programs that offer addiction aftercare in Portsmouth are designed to help addicts make long-term changes so they don't go back to using drugs or alcohol again. While relapse rates can be as high as 60% to 90%, you don't have to be among the statistics. Having a support system in place if you do enter the early stages of relapse can also help pull you up again and bring you back from the edge.

What Types of Programs Does it Involve?

Depending on your needs you'll find a variety of different treatment programs in Portsmouth designed to help with addiction aftercare in Portsmouth. Among the most common types of addiction aftercare programs you will find:

  • Individual therapy. Individual therapy is a process that allows you to talk one-on-one with a trained therapist or addiction specialist. For many people, this is the most comfortable form of therapy since they feel able to be more open about their feelings and issues. Many people use individual therapy along with a variety of other addiction aftercare treatment options.
  • Group therapy. Group therapy is beneficial for individuals who prefer a group environment where they can be with others who have had similar addiction issues. Group therapy programs are often led by a moderator with a background in addiction treatment. Group therapy meetings take place as little as once per week or as often as once per day or more.
  • Family therapy. Family therapy allows an addict and the people they care about to heal from the disease. Talk therapy is a common part of family therapy, which can be beneficial to heal relationships damaged by addiction.
  • 12-step programs. 12-step programs are structured systems designed to help addicts come to terms with their past drug or alcohol abuse. Coping strategies to avoid addiction again are also a major part of these programs. Many also utilize group therapy in the form of regular meetings.
  • Holistic treatment programs. Holistic treatment programs that utilize yoga, art or other forms of therapy can be beneficial for many people, especially individuals looking for an outlet for feelings that don't involve talk therapy. Many people take part in holistic treatment programs along with more traditional addiction aftercare treatment.

Why Should I Enter an Aftercare Program for Addiction?

It's normal to feel like you've beaten your addiction once you leave rehab. This is a healthy feeling, and the fact is that you have done something wonderful for yourself. The process of healing isn't over though.

To stay healthy and sober for the long-term, addiction aftercare programs need to be put into place right away. Many rehab facilities even offer help for addicts looking to find aftercare programs that work for their needs.

Relapse is common, but it doesn't have to happen to you. Find an addiction aftercare program now, and you can work to avoid the pain of becoming an addict all over again. Call Portsmouth Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (757) 821-7391.

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